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Legal advice & consulting Services

Kansas Bankers Consulting Services provides member banks with expert legal services. For many years, the KBA’s legal department served Kansas banks, but its services were limited to sharing information regarding laws and regulations. KBCS was established in 2011 as a way for KBA to provide legal advice and services to banks.

KBCS understands the banking industry better than most. Serving banks is all we do.

Find out how kbcs can help your bank

KBCS attorneys are licensed in many states throughout the region, including Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. With decades of combined experience, KBCS attorneys and compliance personnel can assist your bank with a wide variety of legal services, including:


    • Deposit and lending policy development and review
    • Legal and compliance consultations for bank transactions
    • Human Resources consulting spanning the employment relationship
    • Account documentation preparation and review
    • Regulation E and check fraud dispute assistance
    • Transactional forms and agreements preparation and review
    • Legal and compliance support to correct audit findings
    • Bank advertisement reviews
    • Vendor contract reviews
    • Information security and privacy reviews
    • Power of Attorney and trust documentation reviews
    • Municipal leases, estates, and business documentation reviews

KBCS Membership also includes:

  • KBCS members get 10% off on audits performed by CFBS
  • Free access to the Quarterly Compliance Forum, the compliance review and update presented by CFBS compliance personnel
  • Work on any single project or issue for up to 10 hours and an unlimited number of projects or issues during the year
    And more!

what others are saying about kbcs

“Following KBA’s Account Documentation Seminar, which stressed the importance of careful review of Power of Attorney documents, we put together a system to review all existing POA documents. Going forward, this includes a review of all new POA documents received with the assistance of Kansas Bankers Consulting Services LLC. After completing a POA Checklist, the checklist and POA document are downloaded into the KBCS portal for review by the legal experts at KBA. They review these documents, and then share any concerns they may identify or they sign off on the checklist if everything is acceptable. My contact at KBCS does an outstanding job reviewing these promptly and is helpful in explaining any issues that he finds. The process to drop these into the portal and receive a timely response runs smoothly and efficiently. I typically hear back within 24 hours which allows us to get back with our customers promptly on whether or not we will accept the POA document. I highly recommend Kansas Bankers Consulting Services LLC.”

Janet E. Lowell, Senior Vice President – Retail
Central National Bank

KBCS Annual Fee

KBCS is designed to provide expert, accurate, and practical compliance and legal services at a cost-effective price. To do this, KBCS is taking a unique approach to pricing. Rather than charging banks for services based on an hourly rate, many of the KBCS services are based on a set fee schedule related to the size of the member bank.

Asset Size (previous call report)Annual Contract Fee*
$1 – $50 million $1,910
$51 – $150 million $2,530
$151 – $250 million $3,210
$251 – $350 million $3,830
$351 – $499 million $4,440
$500 – $749 million $6,360
$750 – $1 billion $8,280
Over $1 billion $10,150
+ $1,000 per additional billion in assets**

*Fees are subject to change.
**Ex: $11,000 for $2.2 billion in assets

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