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 You will recall that as a part of the Medicare Part D prescription plan there was a requirement to complete a disclosure for your prescription plan online with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  The initial disclosure was required to be completed by March 31, 2006 which covered the August 1, 2005 plan year.  An annual disclosure is now required within 60 days after the start of each new plan year.  This means that for the August 1, 2019 plan year the online disclosure should be completed by September 30, 2019. Access the disclosure here.

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State Treasurer Jake LaTurner Promotes Financial Literacy with School-Community Bank Model

State Treasurer Jake LaTurner is promoting the need for greater youth financial literacy by bringing awareness to a student-run bank model started by a local Kansas bank and school district that he feels could be used statewide to teach youth important financial skills.

With the help of the Auburn-Washburn Unified School District, Topeka-based Silver Lake Bank set up a branch of their bank inside Washburn Rural High School, and put the task of running the bank almost entirely in the hands of the students. Treasurer LaTurner had the opportunity to visit this school and produced a video of the operation which can be found on the State Treasurer's website here with the goal of encouraging other school districts and their potential bank partners to team up and develop a similar program for their students.

"In a world where credit is being offered to our kids at every turn, it is more important now than ever for us to be teaching the next generation about money; how to use it, how not to use it, and most importantly how to save and invest it for their future. This school-bank partnership is a fantastic way to do just that," said LaTurner. Read the full press release.

2019 Education and Training Preview

Statistics show that a well-trained and educated staff results in higher productivity for the bank and a happier and more content workplace. KBA takes pride in being a banker-driven organization at all levels, including education and training. Please review our 2019 Education & Training Preview which includes estimated pricing to help with your budgeting. Questions? Please contact a member of KBA's Educational Resources.