Internship connection program - resources for banks

The Kansas Bankers Association Intern Connection Program aims to work with member banks to find the next generation of dynamic and engaged leaders.

Through strategic partnerships with colleges across Kansas, college students will receive a wide range of learning opportunities and work-related banking experiences during an internship at a Kansas bank. The result should be directed at the intern cultivating a positive impression of the banking industry and a strong desire to pursue a career in banking after graduation.

Learning Opportunities

A bank mentor will help expose the intern to various banking activities and functions in a 10 to 12-week internship. These may include the following bank functions:

Agricultural Lending, Bank Administration, Commercial Banking, Human Resources, Information Technology Systems, Operations, Personal Banking, Public Relations and Marketing.

If agreed upon between the bank and the intern, the bank can place an intern in a specific department for their internship experience. In addition, we recommend the following opportunities: special projects, representing the bank at community events, attending Board of Director meetings, and participating in staff training events.


Week 1: Customer Service/Teller
Week 2: New Accounts/Branch Management/Privacy/Security
Week 3: Audit/Compliance
Week 4: Cash Management Services/Investments
Week 5 & 6: Lending, Credit Administration, Credit Analysis
Week 7: Marketing/HR
Week 8: Information Technology Systems
Week 9‐End: Special Projects and/or revisit areas of interest to the intern

* When hosting an Information Technology Systems intern, it is recommended that a portion of their experience is spent at different areas in the bank.

Placement Process

The KBA will connect applicants with community banks near an applicant’s available housing. KBA staff will connect applicants and banks via email, with the expectation that banks reach out to applicants to schedule an interview.

Applicants and the bank will determine details regarding wages, working time per week, and start/end dates. KBA expects interns to work at least 30 hours a week for 10-12 weeks at a competitive market rate.

currently participating kba member banks

Astra Bank
Carson Bank
Centera Bank
Equity Bank
Farmers & Drovers Bank
Farmers Bank & Trust
FNB Bank*
Ford County State Bank
Golden Belt Bank
Guaranty State Bank & Trust Co.
Impact Bank
Kaw Valley Bank
Southwest National Bank
Western State Bank*

Abilene, Belleville
Council Grove
Caldwell, Wellington
Garden City

*providing housing

For more information, please contact J.W. Wells at or (785) 232-3444.