Kansas Bankers Consulting Services, LLC (KBCS) is a subsidiary of the Kansas Bankers Association. KBCS provides comprehensive compliance and legal services to member banks above and beyond what KBA’s legal department can formally provide.

KBCS understands the banking industry better than most. Serving banks is all that we do.


  • Policy preparation and review for:
    • Deposits
    • Lending
    • Operations
    • Safe Deposits
    • Trusts
    • Bank Security
    • Bank Secrecy Act
    • Information Technology
  • Loan and Account documentation review;
  • Assistance with drafting of basic transactional forms and agreements;
  • Advertising and website review;
  • Compliance and HR auditing services*; and
  • On-site consulting*
  • Basic compliance and legal consultations for bank transactions and HR issues

*Additional fees apply. Contact KBCS for pricing.

Services not offered by KBCS

  • Tax
  • Corporate structure/activities
  • Bank related accounting issues/mathematical calculations
  • Employee benefit plans
  • State laws outside the states of Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Colorado and Nebraska.
Additionally, KBCS can not provide representation for bankruptcy or legal proceedings. Contact us to request a sample contract for additional details on scope of services.

KBCS Annual Fee

KBCS is designed to provide expert, accurate, and practical compliance and legal services in a cost-effective manner. Service rates are based upon asset size of member banks.

Asset Size (previous call report)Annual Contract Fee*
$1 – $50 million $1,860
$51 – $150 million $2,460
$151 – $250 million $3,120
$251 – $350 million $3,720
$351 – $499 million $4,320
$500 – $749 million $6,180
$750 – $1 billion $8,040
Over $1 billion $9,840

*Fees are subject to change.

KBCS Services

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