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BankMarketingCenter.com (BMC) is a web-based marketing portal that empowers banks to produce
professionally designed, bank-branded marketing materials in a matter of seconds. BMC puts you in
complete control of the ad production process for your bank, saving valuable time and money. BMC has thousands
of successful marketing materials including ads, direct mail, statement stuffers, flyers, posters, digital signage and more.
The process is easy. On the site, you can select a marketing piece and customize it within seconds. Your bank’s logo and
contact info will be automatically inserted into the ad. You can edit the copy, colors, fonts, and select from over nine million
stock photos from Getty Images. Finished materials are then sent automatically to your compliance department for
approval and then to your publication or printer.


KBA has partnered with BankTalentHQ to help you find the best employee for the job! BankTalentHQ is the premier
talent management site for financial industry careers, brought to you by an alliance of state banking associations
working together. Whether you are looking for a job with a financial institution, a service provider or regulator, or you are an employer
with a position to fill, BankTalentHQ can help you find what you need. 
For more information, contact Brian Hoffman at bhoffman@banktalenthq.com
or by phone at 217-789-9340.

BVS is a fully integrated development company that has been helping financial institutions
better serve their customers and members for more than 30 years. No matter your role in the
organization, BVS's comprehensive and customizable online training program has a wide range
of tools that will help you achieve your goals. Their blended learning system supports
face-to-face instructor-led training, the delivery of e-learning and highly effective
Internet self-study. A variety of training topics are available for CEOs, COOs, HR, lenders,
retail bankers, compliance personnel, security officers and IT. KBA members will receive
preferred pricing.

Committed to providing best in class service, CalTech's expertise is optimizing technology for financial institutions by
creating unique business-aligned IT strategies. With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, CalTech's services
and solutions are designed to increase your financial institutions's profitability and boost productivity and efficiency
while ensuring the security and the prosperity of your business.

Check printing profit margins remain incredibly high—and a skilled contract negotiator can often discover savings of $500,000
for banks with over 30,000 checking accounts and $1,000,000 or more for banks with 60,000 checking accounts.
Jim Schartman, Executive Vice President of Check Printing Contract Consulting, is a leading independent
authority on check printing contracts with 37 years of experience. Jim has worked for leading check printing companies
in the country and learned where banks can shave margins and find significant savings. As a KBA Endorsed Vendor, CPCC
works on behalf of community banks and their check printing vendors to negotiate agreements that build profitable check programs, reduce costs
and optimize fee income. CPCC is only paid a percentage of savings—so if they don’t save you money, they don’t get paid.


Cornerstone Advisors’ multidisciplinary team brings deep industry insight that comes from having worked
alongside banks for nearly two decades. Our unique, client-focused Knowledge Vaults house the extensive data we use for
Contract and Vendor Intelligence, Performance Metrics, and Industry Insights and Analysis. Cornerstone is a consulting firm
that helps Banks reduce expenses and improve efficiency. KBA’s endorsement includes contract negotiation services to
deliver reduced expenses, market priced contracts and improved contract terms. With Cornerstone as your partner, you’ll get an
entirely objective assessment of your vendor contracts and the most competitive pricing and terms available in the market – all delivered
by the most qualified team of negotiators. Working with Cornerstone Advisors you’ll gain the best pricing, service levels
and terms on your vendor contracts – plus more time to focus on future performance and growth. Contract negotiation
services provided by Cornerstone include: Core Systems, Ancillary Technology (ATM/ITM, Bill Pay, Digital, Item Processing,
Loan Deposit Operations, Trust & Wealth Management, Telecom), Mergers, Debit and Credit Processing.


CRA Partners is a compliance program you can feel good about.  The Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation, a trusted
brand for over 15 years, has been providing protection and an enhanced quality of life for vulnerable senior housing
residents through a turnkey CRA compliance solution for community focused banks.  Now we have a new name
and a new look but the same meaningful mission. 

Funded exclusively by the banking industry, we have 250 bank partners who have purchased collateral on behalf of our
programs that have made a cumulative positive community impact of $238 million to low- and moderate-income
communities. It is hard to overstate the transformative effect a bank can have on the lives of seniors by removing the fear
of theft and neglect from their lives while also earning CRA credit for your bank.

Banks Enjoy:

  • Guaranteed CRA credit on loan, investment and service tests
  • Flexible funding options include CRA-qualified loans, investments or grants
  • Detailed LMI documentation for positive CRA exam reviews
  • Installation of a turnkey program in senior housing facilities, HUD communities and state
    Veterans homes with no overhead or administrative burden
  • Providing enhanced quality of life programs for seniors to enjoy
  • Opportunity for service test credit using tools including Preventing Elder Abuse Toolkit and the
    Welcome Home Banking website to provide financial education
  • Positive public relations exposure in the community

CRA Partners is your partner every step of the way – from participation through examination!

Click here for information about the “Preventing Elder Financial Abuse Video Toolkit” for your bank.

For more information call at 877-232-0859 or visit www.SHCPFoundation.org.

CSI Secure Connect provides dynamic tools to bankers that increase efficiency and ensure the secure
delivery of confidential documents. Financial institutions nationwide rely on CSI Secure Connect as
a corporate communications tool for boards of directors, employees, loan committees and other audiences.
The solution allows institutions to enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.

CSI Secure Connect gives directors secure access to board materials and other
confidential information from the convenience of their homes, offices or tablets. It simplifies
the process of preparing board materials and makes them available anytime and anywhere they are needed.
Current and archived materials are available and include online votes, collaboration and more.
This functionality also makes CSI Secure Connect a valuable resource for loan committees,
compliance teams and other groups. Additionally, as an employee intranet, CSI Secure Connect combines a series
of powerful communication tools and productivity applications into a single portal.
This includes time clock, vacation manager, e-forms, policy manager, task manager, remote access and more.

CSI Secure Connect requires no additional hardware, software or staff to maintain and little end-user training. It provides
robust security that exceeds industry-defined security standards.The solution also includes access to a free app in the Apple App Store,
improving remote access to confidential documents. Learn more at www.csiweb.com.

Inkless thumbprinting kits; cut check fraud by acting as a deterrent and aiding in


Juniper Payments delivers payment solutions through correspondent and direct relationships with banks.
Our modular solutions are utilized by more than 3,500 financial institutions daily to drive payments
from origination to delivery both foreign and domestic. From ACH, wires and international solutions to
full reporting needs and complex security, Juniper takes care of the technology, so you can focus on your customer's needs.


KeyState Captive Management (KeyState) is the country’s largest provider of captive management and
investment portfolio services to community banks.

KeyState offers banks with over $1 billion in assets the opportunity to form a wholly-owned captive insurance
company through its Bank Captive Program. A captive insurance company, or a legally licensed limited purpose
property and casualty insurance company, can augment a bank’s commercial policies by covering the existing
commercial deductible layers, increasing coverage levels on existing policies (excess layers), and identifying other currently
unfunded risks to insure where commercial insurance is not available to the bank.

Through a captive, banks can:

  • Improve their enterprise risk management;
  • Better manage unfunded risks;
  • Formalize a self-insurance program;
  • Realize efficiencies and savings related to insurance expenses and loss mitigation; and
  • Take advantage of a small business incentive available under a section of the Tax Code.

What makes KeyState’s Bank Captive Program different from its competitors? The primary differentiator is KeyState’s
deep knowledge and specific expertise working with banks and their regulators in evaluating structures and responding
to regulator inquiries. KeyState’s team offers a turnkey product and assists the bank every step along the way.

Visit us at https://www.key-state.com/  or contact us at contact@key-state.com or 702.598.3738 for more information.

Office Depot, founded in 1986, is the world’s leading seller of office supplies and
an industry leader in every distribution channel – from retail stores and contract delivery to catalogs
and e-commerce.  As an Office Depot customer you have access to Office Depot’s exclusive
Business Services Division website, strategic brand name partnerships, multi-billion dollar buying power, and ease in
economizing your operations.  Enjoy customer service from Office Depot that is unmatched in the industry.

To sign up and start saving today, use the links below.

KBA Bank & Associate Member Registration (Corporate)

KBA Member Employee Registration (Individual)


The consolidation of OnCourse Learning’s 600+ online courses with Total Training Solution’s 300+ webinars
has resulted in a compliance and professional training platform that is second to none. OnCourse Learning’s
online education empowers financial institutions to grow employee skills with comprehensive enterprise compliance,
risk management and professional development online education, while Total Training Solution’s webinars provide an
efficient, flexible and timely method for staying informed on a myriad of topics. Also offered is a robust, customizable
learning management system, with a built-in library.  Learn more.

Promontory helps financial institutions of all sizes thrive. Promontory Network members use its
solutions ? Bank Assetpoint®, Insured Cash Sweep®, or ICS®, CDARS®, IND®, and Yankee Sweep® ? to
source new asset opportunities, diversify their portfolios, reduce collateral requirements, purchase
funding, and build multi-million-dollar relationships. Visit promnetwork.com to find out how Promontory
can help your bank manage its balance sheet more profitably.


Purple Wave Auction operates as a full-service seller agent to remarket agricultural,
construction and transportation assets. We provide a personalized,
turn-key solution for right-sizing operational assets for borrowers and bank-owned equipment sales.
Purple Wave is an endorsed vendor of the Kansas and Missouri Bankers Associations


S&P Global Market Intelligence is committed to the success of community banks. We integrate financial and industry data,
research and news into tools that help track performance, generate alpha, identify investment ideas, understand competitive
and industry dynamics, perform valuation and assess credit risk. Community banks can gain the intelligence essential to making
business and financial decisions with conviction.
Visit us at http://marketintelligence.spglobal.com/client-solutions/users/community-banking or
contact us at 877-863-1306.



In business since 1976, Strunk & Associates, LP, is a financial advisory service recognized nationally for its
innovative design, development, and implementation of the original Overdraft Privilege Service Program. Strunk & Associates, L.P.
currently serves nearly 2,000 clients throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

For more information about Overdraft Privilege and other financial solutions such as  Value Checking,
check our website at www.strunklp.com or give us a call at 816-225-8793


Works24 offers the fastest and easiest communication methods to tell your customers about all the
other ways you can help them with your bank products and services.  This is accomplished with 4 unique marketing tools:
On-Hold Messages/Music for your phone system, Digital Lobby Video, Website Video
and Overhead Lobby Music. In partnership with the KBA we offer a 90-day trial period on any of our services with a
100% money back guarantee.  Go to www.Works24.com to find out more or call Brian Robinson at 800-460-4653 x105.


for more information contact:

Brenda Unruh
Phone: (785) 232-3444

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