Kansas Bankers Association


KBA’s Young Bank Officers of Kansas (YBOK) Division is comprised of a thriving group of young bank professionals dedicated to improving their knowledge and understanding of the many facets of the Kansas banking industry. With over 200 members statewide, YBOK provides excellent training and professional development opportunities designed to help young bankers broaden their banking expertise. YBOK training is primarily delivered through spring and fall conferences that feature banking industry leaders, motivational/management experts and networking opportunities with fellow young bank officers from across Kansas.

YBOK members come from all sizes of institutions and regions in Kansas, which enables networking among peers facing similar challenges and situations. YBOK’s diverse membership also provides the unique opportunity to learn from bankers centered in a totally different marketplace. Networking opportunities also include two annual golf tournaments that coincide with the spring and fall conferences. YBOK members are also eligible to receive scholarships presented annually for continued education opportunities offered by the Kansas Bankers Association, Schools of Banking or Graduate Schools of Banking.

Annual membership dues for KBA’s Young Bank Officers of Kansas (YBOK) Division are $150.00 per bank. For more information on YBOK activities or events or to join, please contact Nicole Ortiz by e-mail or by phone at 785-232-3444.