Kansas Bankers Association


KBA is pleased to offer numerous webinars throughout the year on a variety of topics relevant to bankers. With the explosion in the number of e-mails and text messages sent daily, virtual training options make more sense than ever. Most banks want an open and fast-paced exchange of ideas. Webinars (online seminars) can meet those needs while serving as a cost-effective training solution.

KBA Sunflower Webinar Series

Sunflower Webinars are online seminars that originate from the KBA office with KBA staff handling the technical aspects of the webinar. The topics are developed specifically for Kansas bankers, with the majority being presented by Terri Thomas, Director of KBA’s Legal and Compliance Department. This is an ideal way for us to disseminate information in a timely manner on a law or regulation change. Pricing is based on the asset size of the bank, with a 30-day replay option available for later viewing. CD’s may also be purchased for viewing beyond 30 days. OnDemand order form.

OnCourse Learning Webinars

OnCourse Learning offers a variety of webinars and a number of ways to view them. If you miss the "live" broadcast, you still have access to the recorded webinar with unlimited playback for six months, and audio cd (listen to the session without an internet connection), plus all the original printed handouts. OnCourse Learning enhances the webinar! They have simplified the process of connecting to the webinar while extending it's capabilities to provide you the very best in web-based seminars featuring the finest speakers in the financial industry.

GSB Webinars 

KBA has partnered with the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to offer a webinar series. These programs are designed to meet the dynamic learning needs of today’s busy financial professional and are delivered by some of our top industry experts. The online seminars are available “live” and may be accessed online for 90 days following the broadcast. Many programs are also offered on an “on demand” basis with access for six months following registration.